Increase your restaurant's revenue by 20%

A new way to present your menu to your customers

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Why restaurants use peAR?


20% increase in sales

All our partner restaurants have seen a 15-20% increase in sales due to 3D AR Menu just via Up-selling

Customer and competitor analysis

Number of dishes viewed,Dish viewed the most, Pricing of each dish compared to your competitors and other such integral analytics which you get nowhere else.

Viral social media content

Forget photos and videos, NOW you can share food in 3D on Instagram

Breathtaking customer experience

Competition is increasing everyday. We make sure your customers remember you for this marvelous experience

Here's what our customers say


Nainesh Shah, Owner

We started with peAR just to try out something new, but it turned out that our customer's absolutely love peAR. Whenever someone visit's our restaurant, they don't see paper menu's anymore. Best part about peAR is that our customer's know what to order and thus have a breathtaking experience and also we end up earning 25% more.

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Garima Bagrecha, Owner

We have seen a change in customer ordering pattern just because of peAR. Our customer's are now ordering dishes which are expensive but look amazing. Our chef's work tirelessly to make these amazing dishes and now customers can see that before ordering. peAR has helped us tremendously in this alongside helping us make 22% more revenue. 


Pradip Ghogare, Owner

peAR App is simply amazing! Most of our customers are younger crowd and they are extremely impressed by our unique 3D AR menu provided by peAR. They always see what they are going to order, before ordering. This helps us up-sell to them. Most of them end up ordering a dessert because they saw it on the app. Our sales increased by 32% because of peAR. Also the analytics they provide is extremely useful and actionable.

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